Mediterranean style kitchen – design secrets

Mediterranean styled kitchen design

Mediterranean style in the interior is a delicious cocktail, which absorbed the cultural traditions of many peoples that have lived for centuries on the coast. Mediterranean style kitchen is wonderfully warm, friendly, welcoming and truly home-style created just for decoration kitchen space.
Secrets of kitchen design in a Mediterranean style, suitable for kitchen furniture, decoration and maintenance, lamps, colorful decor and a photo of the kitchen interior in the spirit of the Mediterranean – in this review.

Kitchen in Mediterranean Style Kitchen Design Secrets

Kitchen in Mediterranean Style – Kitchen Design Secrets

Mediterranean style in the interior – the characteristics

Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, French Riviera, north of Egypt, of course, Italy and Greece… Each of these parts of the globe contributed to the formation of the Mediterranean style. However, such a motley composition of the participants did not prevent developing of common characteristics of this trend in the design of houses and apartments.

  1. Interior of kitchen in Mediterranean style has nothing to do with any pretentiousness or with the luxury and glamour. Concise, unpretentious simplicity and maximum functionality – these are the main features of this style.
  2. The color palette of all Mediterranean kitchens – is a luxury paint, which is so rich in the nature of this active and benevolent edge. Here are harmoniously intertwined natural colors of the earth, the sea, lush vegetation. The Greek-style direction tends to cold colors, contrasting combinations of white with blue, turquoise, blue, emerald green, lemon yellow. Italians prefer warmer shades: red-pink, deep orange, ocher yellow, terracotta, olive, pistachio.
  3. Ideally, in finishing, furnishing and decoration of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style it is supposed to use only natural materials (wood, stone, iron, glass) and fabrics (linen, cotton).
  4. The Mediterranean style is not drawn to the abundance of accessories. If they are present in the room, apart from the aesthetic function are almost always also the practical load.

It’s safe to say that the interior of the kitchen, which is based on these principles, will appeal to people cheerful and laid-back, who want to live in harmony with nature, appreciate the comfort and space, filled with sunlight and air.

The layout and furnishings in a Mediterranean style kitchen

Perfect Mediterranean kitchen to be very bright, well-planned and large enough to carry also features a dining area. As in the southern countries is not just a place for cooking, and now the focus of family life, it is a massive dining table with chairs here and there definitely are usually located penny room.

The working area can be placed side by side in a compact “island”. If the size of the premises permit, it is more convenient and at the same time imposed a spacious functional niche equipped with zone lighting.

All the furniture in Mediterranean kitchen – some primitive and cumbersome, but good-quality, often with the effect of aging load of pine or oak. You can select high-quality kitchen furniture with facades from MDF with veneer wood. If the manufacturer is good, this kitchen will look no worse than solid wood furniture. The unique flavor of the kitchen furniture elements attached forged patina characteristic of the Italian interior and woven items, common in homes Greece. Quality food styling in the spirit of the Mediterranean does not imply the use of ready kitchen sets and individual pieces of furniture are harmoniously combined into something like a kit.

So, in your kitchen will look appropriate:

  • dining table with top made of artificial stone or painted ceramic tiles;
  • metal chairs with seat cushion attached to their woven or “brothers” made of rattan or cane;
  • small sofa with an open wooden frame;
  • massive sideboard with clear glass doors or wooden fronts, which can be painted in warm dark colors, and the light shades
  • open wooden shelves and all other kinds of shelves.

Dining Table in Mediterranean Style Dining Table in Mediterranean StyleDining Table in Mediterranean StyleDining Table in Mediterranean Style

Household Appliances in Mediterranean style kitchen

When the foundations of the Mediterranean style in the interior, and technological progress have not yet measured the planet by leaps and bounds. Therefore, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other benefits of civilization become alien elements in the kitchen, decorated in the spirit of relaxed siesta.

Household Appliances-in Mediterranean kitchen

Household Appliances-in Mediterranean kitchen

Avoid dissonance can hide if all appliances in special niches and cover them with wooden doors, decorated with coarse thread. Another way – the acquisition of modern devices, which do not attract the attention of any flashy color or original design. Not bad will replace uncomplicated plate hob and stainless steel sanitary ware – analogues of dull bronze, like an aged from time to time.

Preferring not traditional car wash, and a large rectangular and so-called Butler sink, you agree to add another kitchen is typically Mediterranean touch.

Mediterranean appliances in kitchen designMediterranean appliances in kitchen designMediterranean appliances in kitchen designMediterranean appliances in kitchen design

Mediterranean appliances in kitchen designMediterranean appliances in kitchen designMediterranean appliances in kitchen designMediterranean appliances in kitchen design

Decoration and repairs

When decorating the kitchen in the Mediterranean style traditionally used simple, without pretensions to luxury, but very high quality materials. They enable quick cleaning and keeps cool even in the hottest day.


The walls, bumps which are evident – a business card of the Mediterranean style kitchen. Sometimes they specifically give additional relief to achieve a small curvature. The strong feature evident in the direction of the Greek style, which is characterized by deliberate negligence walls: textured uneven surfaces covered with plaster, and then brushed, usually white.

The Italian version of a Mediterranean-style involves a greater variety. Here, the walls are usually aligned, and when they finish combines several materials. For smooth or decorative plaster is quite compatible with mosaics, hand-painted tiles, imitation frescoes. Some parts of the walls can not be processed at all – pristine stonework in the area of cooking will turn your kitchen into a true home.

Wallpapers in Mediterranean style kitchen are rarely used. This decision seems logical, taking into account the deliberately rough walls. But if the choice fell on a way to finish, let wallpapers will be self-colored, textured and soft.

Mediterranean design

Mediterranean design


The floors in the kitchen in the Mediterranean style is most often laid out facing tile or granite and warm colors. And here in terracotta color display that resembles clay. Excellent will be looked at as a porous coating or polished sandstone, facing stone or imitation marble and stone mosaic with pastoral scenes and rustic decor.

Of course, you climate could be not so soft as the Mediterranean, so no floor heating system can not do. However, you can find a kind of alternative to lay ceramic floor and textured mats of reed or used to cover his massive board. Just keep in mind that the texture of natural wood should not draw attention to himself, so plain bleached board in this sense is the best material for the flooring.

Budget options flooring – quality linoleum or laminate, imitating the pattern of stone or wood.


The ceiling is usually plastered and painted a simple white paint or one of the pastel shades. The distinguishing feature of style – wooden beams, often rich brown. They effectively contrasted with the bright color of the ceiling and bring a kind of rustic charm in the Mediterranean kitchen.


Borders in the working area above the stove and sink in most cases is laid with ceramic tiles, granite or less stone mosaics. It is desirable that the tiles looked a little aged, with worn, uneven edges, the effect of “weakness.” Will become a real decoration of the borders and hand-painted tiles and marble mosaic. If a mosaic does not fit into the budget renovation of the kitchen, you should pay attention to a mosaic of tiles – Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian manufacturers offer quite spectacular and inexpensive option of finishing material.

Accessories and decorations in the spirit of the Mediterranean style

Decor elements in Mediterranean kitchen surprisingly functional. There may be less likely to see the curtain, with their main task successfully cope solid or latticed shutters, which can be located both indoors and outdoors. If the window and decorate textiles, it is better if it will be light-colored natural fabrics – linen or cotton. You can choose curtains with stripes or a cell, but the color should not be too bright. Not bad will look and lace curtains, and some versions of tulle.

Mediterranean styled kitchen design Mediterranean styled kitchen design Mediterranean styled kitchen design Mediterranean styled kitchen design

Fixtures – country style, antique, with wrought-iron or wooden parts. Alternatively, you can use the kitchen in a Mediterranean style with a small pendant light or shade canopy or a chandelier imitating old chandelier.

Ceramic tableware, abundant placed on open shelves, widely used in everyday life. Copper pans, woks and pans on a special suspension, too, may well claim to be a spectacular decor.

Straw or reed mats are sometimes extremely useful on the cool floor. Pillows soften the excessive rigidity of the chair seat. Even rough lace and hand-colored tablecloths and napkins made of white cotton and linen are designed to not only decorate the room, how to make a pleasant and comfortable family meal.

If you just can not do without a variety of pleasant things, then give preference to bronze lamps, green plants in simple clay pots, graceful shells and corals that are inhaled in Mediterranean kitchen, the atmosphere of perpetual holiday.


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