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Small mediterranian kitchen

This made a small kitchen in the Mediterranean style is suitable for small apartments with free planning. The kitchen has everything you need: sink, cupboards and food preparation area.

White and red kitchen (Black Night)

White – red design for a small kitchen. White tiles look well with copper and steel kitchenware. A red opposite wall makes this kitchen warmer and brighter.

White and beige kitchen design

Modern white and beige kitchen (Mirror)

Modern beige design for a small kitchen. The predominant are beige and white colors. A large mirror on the dinner table wall visually expands the space, but it will be unfortunate decision for those who...

Modern white and beige kitchen (White Snow)

Bright spring kitchen. The designer has used only three colors – white, beige and brown to create this kitchen. Materials also matched very harmonious – wooden furniture, small tiles of all three colors at a...

White kitchen (Copper Rose)

White kitchen with breakfast bar and kitchen cabinets made of dark wood. Combined with sitting-room is perfect for homes with a small kitchen.