9 Awesome Tips To Renovate or Design a Mediterranean Kitchen

Renovate Or Design A Mediterranean Kitchen (1/9)

The thought of a Mediterranean holiday is always a welcoming one with the warm sun, the pristine beaches, great climate and the lush greenery. The same aura of being by a Mediterranean beach is provided by the hues used in interior designing especially in the kitchen area. The traditional style of the home had taken a setback when contemporary homes were taking over, but after that trend become too common, people are using Mediterranean styles to add depth to their homes. The basic design is rather rustic with sun-kissed orange hues all over even in the lighting. It creates an overall welcoming atmosphere in the house. But the traditional single shade Mediterranean style has been replaced by a more interesting mix of modern designing into the old Mediterranean defined color presets and natural texture so that there is a new note to the traditional design.

Hues of Mediterranean Region

Depending on the size of the kitchen, bright colors or subtle shades can be selected to speak the effect of the Mediterranean area. According to traditional Mediterranean kitchen style, the colors can be mostly oranges and rusting shades. This can be a good choice if your basic need is to set a relaxing kitchen. You can have a look at the Mediterranean hues and the various designs and choose a design that you like. The sleek and small kitchen will face issues when transforming to Mediterranean style while spacious areas can be used in different ways to enhance the look and feel of the space. For a small area, white shades like cream and ivory are being used to create some spacious look. Intermittent colors of reds, greens, and yellow with beautiful flowers will bring the full aura.

Curved Lines

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The signature mark of the Mediterranean style is the curved lines. There are very less sharp cornered geometric spaces in your Mediterranean home. Mediterranean basically implies to bring in the age-old feeling and what else can work best than the flared hoods. Tuscan and Spanish styles strictly stick to curved lines which are defining factors. The decorations used inside the kitchen area as the carpet can also be matched with the curved design to have swirls on it. It will take a little time and expense to change even the smallest aspects like handles to set the curved design. This fluidic design was probably originated to match with the waves of the sea. The designer will have to think beyond the straight-line structure.

Moroccan Tiles

Renovate Or Design A Mediterranean Kitchen (3/9)

The vibrancy and relaxing feeling of the Mediterranean can be rightly implied with the Moroccan Tiles. The warmth and in-depth sense can be applied by using the terracotta tiles. Such tiles are used to adorn the floors, walls, etc. If you have a large space, you can use dark earthy tones and lighter ones like ivory for smaller kitchens. The house can be renovated in an overall with matching patterns and prints on the tiles used. Moroccan tiles like blue imprints on yellow tiles can be used to spice up some specific areas by highlighting that space and create focal points. There are also wall murals done in tiles that depict the Mediterranean region.

Wrought Iron Pattern

Renovate Or Design A Mediterranean Kitchen (4/9)

Rich metals are an inevitable part of any Mediterranean kitchen design which mostly include wrought iron, bronze and copper shades. There are used all over the area, according to one’s liking for metal objects. Using metal bar chairs is a beautiful addition, and there are wrought iron stands, massive chandeliers, engraved metal crests, etc. which make you feel like a king or queen of the Tuscan lands. There are also smaller metal elements like candle stands and other hardware. Some Mediterranean homes have large patterns in wrought iron on the door.

Beamed Wooden Ceiling

Renovate Or Design A Mediterranean Kitchen (5/9)

Wooden colors and actual wooden work can help you bring nature down to your home. It will also bring a beautiful aroma of wood and a feeling of being in alliance with nature around us. Wooden structures can be used for the doors of the cabinet, and the ceiling structure will help to complete the wooden styling section. Exposed beams are usually considered shabby, but with the Mediterranean style you will be amused by the effect, it can provide to your home in an overall.

Matching Lights

Renovate Or Design A Mediterranean Kitchen (6/9)

Lights in yellow hues can be the right choice for the Mediterranean kitchen. You can also add the white light only to be used in alternative situations. As mentioned earlier, hanging metal chandeliers can complete the effect and other wrought iron fittings like a few small hanging lights in a metal can also add to complete the effect.

Earthen texture

Renovate Or Design A Mediterranean Kitchen (7/9)

You can imbibe the stone feel of the Mediterranean region into your home using the textured tiles. A Mediterranean kitchen is more like artwork, and the interior designer will have to work as an artisan. Stucco walls are the most preferred for this, and Venetian plasters would also work just fine. Some would even use stone focus areas to bring the wild effect.

Creating the Contrast in colors

Renovate Or Design A Mediterranean Kitchen (8/9)

Some make the mistake of bathing the whole area in blatant colors. It has to be understood that the Mediterranean area is a mix of earth, blue, greenery and blooming flowers. This element of a color mix will help to add some life to your kitchen. You can add reds, blues and vibrant yellows with a lampshade there or a bunch of flowers here.

Add the matching furniture

Renovate Or Design A Mediterranean Kitchen (9/9)

When you are done with the paints, walls, and tiles, it is time to add the furniture and finish the kitchen and open it up for use. Mediterranean Style of a kitchen will never have weak and petite furniture. There are large tables with wholesome legs and matching chairs. Ones with curved artwork on them are mostly preferred. Usually, solid colors are chosen, but if you love subtle light shades, you can have your countertops in off white granite with curved handles and detailing. If you want to use metal furniture, make sure they have a strong feeling with enough of the curves and traditional feel rather than straight lines. Straight lines will alter the whole effect of the Mediterranean kitchen  design.

With proper planning, you can make a blended design kitchen which sticks to the traditional Mediterranean kitchen design  and yet implies to the modern kitchen. The basic know-how of a Mediterranean kitchen can help you in planning your ideas before working it out in your home renovation.


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