Nautical style kitchen interior

Seaside styled kitchen

Would you like to enjoy that special feeling of freedom and serenity that only happens during the holidays by the sea at home? Try to arrange the kitchen interior in maritime style! Here are some ideas on how to transform an ordinary kitchen into a real mess room or veranda house on the beach.

Nautical style interior of the kitchen is not difficult to recreate. It is so good, that provides a lot of opportunities for experimentation. First of all, with themed accessories.

Nautical style interior

Nautical style interior

The easiest and most obvious way to recall a vacation and the sea – to use in the decoration of dishes in a nautical style seashells, starfish, colorful stones, pebbles and other small things brought from trips to warmer climates. They can be simply expanded on open shelves or kitchen cupboards. And you can decorate the kitchen furniture, fixtures and decorate their walls in the kitchen, making a “sea” mural.

Incidentally, the “application” of sea stones, glazes, pearl shells or fragments of blue, dark blue or pearl tiles – a great way to update facades of kitchen furniture boring white.

Nautical style interior – a graceful sailboat model on a shelf, a small round mirror in a shiny metal frame that resembles a porthole, an aquarium with colorful fish and corals, a barometer, a telescope, an hourglass and a compass and other naval paraphernalia.

However, there are less obvious, but no less spectacular ways to add to the mood of the interior of the sea cuisine. For example, “sea” dishes – white to blue or blue stripes or polka dots. Blue jar with the image of a starfish on the chubby side and pans blue. Bamboo blinds and decorative shutters of bleached wood, light linen curtains or decorative curtains strung on long strings of shells or blue-blue beads. Marine kitchen interior perfectly complement the natural materials – jute and sisal. Good fit in the marine interior and home textiles of unpainted canvas, cotton or linen white, gray, blue and blue. Excellent looks striped “marine” cushion chairs, decorative pillows and linen tablecloth.

Nautical style interior

Nautical style interior

The basis of the marine style – neutral colors: beige, sand, white, blue, blue. Their combination creates a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen, full of tranquility and peace. By the way, they are visually expand the space, and are ideal for small-sized kitchen in the Khrushchev. Instead of blue and cold blue shades of green can be used in marine interior – they resemble water at great depths. “Sea” shades create a sense of coolness and freshness, so the marine style is suitable for the kitchen, which opens onto a south or east facing.

Sex in a nautical theme – a simple board of bleached wood, reminiscent of the deck. The original solution – make the floor of the glass insert, which can be put under the decorative composition of sand, pebbles, coral or shells.

In the interior of the sea is appropriate simple coarse kitchen furniture in light wood – pine or birch. It does not look too new, on the contrary, a little worn, slightly faded and necessarily matte. The main thing is that it is practical, solid and reliable. In such an interior fits fine wicker furniture from rattan or willow. The ceiling and walls in the kitchen can be finished with wood paneling. Another option – use decorative tiles for the kitchen or a mosaic with marine motifs.

Marine style interior accentuate accessories made of brass, simple pottery, lamps, lanterns or sconces in the shape of sea creatures. Decorative items made fishing nets, marine rope knots, decorative bottles – all ideally suited to the interior in maritime style.

In this kitchen really can sit for hours, enjoying complete tranquility, good food and pleasant socializing.

Nautical style interior photo kitchen

Nautical style interior

Nautical style interiorNautical style interiorNautical style interiorNautical style interior


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