Modern Kitchen Countertops

What is a kitchen without a countertop? It’s the features like cabinets, cutlery, food items and countertops that give the kitchen its character. And countertop tops this list!

People who are very keen about their kitchen designing, style and functionality know how important a kitchen countertop is. It is the surface area_ your modern kitchen countertop that influences mainly all kitchen palettes since it has the responsibility of hold up under the kitchen activity of a household and fits right in your budget.

Modern kitchen countertops are very unlike your kitchen covering or drape; that can be changed whenever you like, sent to the laundry whenever they get dirty or taken down when they get old or torn. The reason why choosing the right kitchen countertop is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever makes for your kitchen is that they are not easy to replaces because of costs and labor required. Most kitchen countertops stay for over decades in the kitchen in which they are installed. It is important that in order to choose the best modern countertop, you must be well aware of the durability of the materials and that it sits in harmony with the rest of the modern kitchen decor.
Exploring the pros and cons of the modern kitchen countertops and the modern kitchen countertops materials; we will help you decide which the best kitchen countertop is for you.

Soapstone Kitchen Counters

soapstone kitchen counters

Some of us are largely familiar with soapstone because of science practical in chemistry laboratory. It makes the most natural and durable choice for a kitchen.

This natural stone is composed of a large amount of mineral talc, which gives the modern kitchen material the smooth feel of soap. They are available in colors such as medium gray and may have a greenish cast. With time, the soapstone usually darkens its material tone to a deep charcoal. If you want to lend your kitchen an ultra modern look that also produces an aesthetic affect, soapstone is the best choice for your modern kitchen countertop.


  • Durability and sustainability: Installing a soapstone kitchen counter is a lifetime investment. Not only it’s resistant to bacteria and stains, is it unaffected by heat and do not react to acids found in tomatoes or lemons or other eatables.
  • Workability:  With soapstone counters, functionality is better. Why? This stone won’t get damaged from heat and doesn’t stain. It’s a lot easier to cook with a soapstone countertop since you won’t have to worry about spilling things or placing hot items on it. So next time you are cooking something do not hesitate to put that hot pot of soup straight from the stove and keep it on the soapstone counter.
  • Density: They do not have any pores they cannot absorb liquids. This type of stone is so dense that no type of sealant is required at all. You can only oil the countertop but this is only done for aesthetic reasons; that is to beautify the stone.
  • Aesthetic: When it comes to any soapstone countertops, no 2 slabs are ever the same; meaning your countertop will become a personal treasure and will grow on you as it ages.


  • Easily dented or marked: Its talc content makes soapstone softer than some other stone counters, which leads to edges and corners being eased over time.
  • Maintenance: May require considerable maintenance to enjoy its aesthetic hues.
  • Costly: It is ultimately pretty costly but is a lifetime investment.

Granite Stone Countertop

granite stone countertop

It is a natural stone having plenty of character, with unique grains, colors and customizable finishes. It is known for its unique appearance and durability.


  • Granite is a very hard substance and is not susceptible to scratches. Takes normal wear and tear well.
  • It is unaffected by heat.
  • It prove to be very resistant to stains and won’t absorb liquids when if it is properly sealed.
  • It proves to be an attractive selection for a modern kitchen countertop.


  • If it is not sealed correctly by a professional tiller, it may become prone to absorbing liquids. Because the stone is porous, if the seal wears off it may absorb liquids like wine or juice and develop a stain.
  • It may harbor bacteria in its pores if the seal wears off.
  • Although quite durable, if a heavy object is dropped on granite counter it may chip or break.
  • Maintenance includes the granite countertops to be resealed on a yearly basis or even less.

Copper Kitchen Countertop

copper kitchen countertop

It is rising to popularity as a good material for a modern kitchen countertop.


  • It comes with easy maintenance. It can be cleaned very easily using dishwashing soap or even salty mixtures.
  • It is naturally anti microbial. This modern kitchen countertop material is bacteria resistant.
  • Copper is considered safer and better at resisting than stainless steel.
  • It adds a modern touch to your kitchen with richness of stones that are impossible to replicate.


  • It reacts to acid and is not resistant to heat.
  • Unsealed copper countertops will oxidize and tarnish over time, giving it a unique patina with hints of red, green, and brown in it.
  • Copper is a soft metal, so it is easily dented and scratched.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

marble kitchen countertops

It is the most popular modern kitchen countertop material that is always in style. It has an unrivaled, classic look that always seems to be in style it offers a variety of materials to be choose from.


  • It stays cool naturally and is not a great heat conductor.
  • It is soft stone, but it is quite durable.
  • It is a porous material and is dense.
  • It is known for its classical white beauty and can be very easy to find unlike granite or soapstone.


  • Being a soft stone, it may break or chip when a heavy object is dropped over it.
  • It stains very easily.

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