Kitchen in a rustic style – warm, cozy and simple kitchen interior

Kitchen In A Rustic Style

Currently, one of the preferred choices of interior of modern kitchen is a rustic style or country style, that is on the leading position in the top of the original decor. Its popularity is based on the simplicity and unpretentiousness, clean lines. The kitchen is decorated in country style, it evokes the atmosphere of antiquity. wood, stone, linen, cotton: Only natural materials are used for the creation of the interior, which also has important value.

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If you decide to arrange the kitchen in a rustic style, just be sure to decide the style of direction. Each country has its own traditions and rural life, which are very different from each other. For example, American country style – a cowboy ranch, French – refined Provence, Swiss – cozy chalet.

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Country Kitchen in Russian – is first and foremost, be sure to traditional Russian stove, coarse finishing the walls and floor covered with whitewash the ceiling, chintz curtains and woven floorboards. Modern comfortable household appliances are not relevant in the Russian kitchen to convey the atmosphere of Russian country, it is necessary to abandon the basic creature comforts and modern gloss, taking from them only the bare necessities.


Kitchen in a rustic setting with their own hands is not much difficulty, since there is no need to comply with special care. On the contrary, rustic style characterized by a certain carelessness and rudeness, emphasizing the style. For the walls you can use any material, but the advantage should be given to, of course, natural.

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A wide range of natural materials allows you to show creative imagination in the decoration of the walls. For example, they can sheathe clapboard or board, make a decorative brickwork imitating brick. Very popular material for decoration of the walls is textured plaster, which gives the walls a very original, slightly relaxed, but at the same time, a very nice view.

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The tiles can be used only as a last resort, and that, if put her apron or sink area, using a tile with a pattern, a stone or a tree.

The most economical option walls are wallpaper. They should be sure to have some ethnic patterns or motifs in the village below. Making wallpapered accent wall, with the aim of increasing the visual space, it is advisable to choose the wallpapers with the image of the countryside, for example, it can be steppes, eared husbandry or cheerful creek that will waft you the memories of a rustic vacation.


The best option flooring in the kitchen in country style is laminate, but from parquet should be abandoned. Figure laminate should match the style and mimic the natural materials: wood, brick or stone. Perfect and stylish will look flooring, decorated floor tiles, especially if it is unglazed, artificially aged tiles. Braided rugs on the floor will add charm and comfort room.

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Country style ceilings expressed in the presence of wooden beams, if the room has a high ceiling. Also, the ceilings can be painted with latex paint or whitewashed.

Not bad look stretched or suspended ceilings. Here the main thing correctly fit into the overall color palette. The ceiling may not be snow-white, and milk or beige.

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To match style lamps can be put in a wicker ceiling antique. It is also very stylish look is forged chandelier or sconces in the old style, or in the form of street lamps.

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If you decide to arrange the kitchen in a rustic style, you have a chance to put on a display of all the family relics, which have long been gathering dust in the closet or in the attic, with no chance to be seen by future generations. Light will see the old photos in simple frames, candlesticks, figurines, lovely souvenirs. All these things are nice to diversify interior of the kitchen.

A special place in the design of the kitchen takes textiles. If you arrange the kitchen with the Slavic direction, then in the interior necessarily need to attend all kinds of embroidered napkins, towels, curtains with scalloped, lace or embroidery, bows and ruffles. By becoming their ideal kitchen utensils made of clay, porcelain and earthenware. For example, it can be painted pots or more plates that adorn the open shelf.

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Accessorize serve any subjects who identify rural life: a samovar, crockery, painted Khokhloma or Gzhel, bright, original tray.

Revive and fill the interior space of the mouth-watering aroma of garlands of garlic, onions, bunches of fragrant herbs.

Straw woven into a braid, decorate the walls and a bright bunch of rowan nice variety to the overall color gamut of cuisines.

Kitchen in a rustic style must always be filled with colors, so you should pay special attention to floristic design. Decorate the kitchen bouquets of wild flowers in vases, houseplants on window sills or shelves, flower arrangements of dried grasses and twigs.

Although rustic style and should be a bit colorful, but too carried away by the variety of accessories is not worth it, otherwise the food will turn into a cluttered warehouse.

Color palette

Rustic style characterized by natural shades. Therefore, it is best to be responsible style of pastel colors, from golden brown and ending with gray or sky blue. Colors should be in harmony with each other. You can not on the background of the wooden walls to install dark wood furniture – it would look too gloomy. This interior is appropriate only in very spacious rooms. For small kitchens in rustic walls should be light, against which the dark furniture will look very elegant and visually increase the room. Against the background of dark walls gracefully and weightlessly will look bright furniture.

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The most popular colors for the kitchen in country style is milky, pale beige, sunny yellow, luxury chocolate, grass, sky blue, orange and light gray. Pastel colors diluted with bright accents of red, bright green and rich blue.

Kitchen furniture in country style

In order to match the interior of the kitchen rustic style, it is assumed that pieces of furniture are to be unsuited, suitable in size and combined with themselves. But to solve this complex problem can only professional designers. Therefore, kitchen furniture easiest way to buy in a store, choosing the most suitable style.

When choosing furniture, we must first pay attention to the material. Would be the best wood furniture, the surface artificially aged.

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Table top should be made of natural or artificial stone, but good fit into the interior, and top in solid wood. Tables and chairs must bear the burden of time, for that they are covered with a special composition was aged to make them look like antiques. You can also pick up the pieces of furniture from the present antiques. Not bad, if the furniture front is decorated with carvings or paintings. This furniture is ideal for large kitchen and in a small room decor and a massive protruding elements will further reduce the space. So for a small kitchen it is best to find the right furniture, without any frills. The desired style will give such furniture fittings, subjected to forced aging by special means.

For the country style are traditional cabinets with open shelves. On the top shelf can accommodate all kinds of ethnic accessories and curtains decorate the bottom with ruffles or bows.

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Modern appliances with lots of buttons and glossy surfaces should not be seen, so as not to disturb the integrity of style, so it must be hidden behind the facades of cabinets.

It is appropriate to place in the kitchen cupboard, a symbol of rural life, of course, if space allows. This impressive piece of furniture becomes visually lighter and airier, if it is fitted with glass doors, decorated with engravings and a large mirror. This buffet, though will take a lot of space, but can be replaced many small cabinets and shelves.

To emphasize the rustic style of the kitchen will help set the chest, which will serve as both a seat and a spacious storage space for kitchen utensils.

In a small kitchen can be set rattan furniture. Typically, wicker furniture is intended only to give, but modern manufacturers have learned to do such a beautiful wicker furniture that is simply impossible to stay in front of her charm. The main advantage of wicker furniture is the ease and use of natural materials, that fits into a country-style conditions.

How to make Country style in the kitchen

The advantage of country style is the fact that the creation of this interior does not require any special material and physical costs, of course, if you do not come from expensive to equip the kitchen with period furniture made from natural wood and expensive coating or a precious finish. Create a rustic style, you can, using just a few key strokes. In particular, if your kitchen for a long time requested repairs to peeling old furniture have no strength to look, wallpaper falling off, creaking floorboards, ceiling turned gray by time and money on expensive repairs will not gather up. The problem can be solved without involving professionals and do not spend on expensive fashionable headset. Rural romance transform your kitchen.

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To implement this idea, it is first necessary to remove the walls and ceilings of the old coating. Although this is the dirtiest stage of the work, but without it you can not do.

For the walls is best to use a textured plaster, if you have at least some experience. If no experience, you can paste wallpaper with cheerful patterned flowered or ethnic themes. Wallpaper should be light.

Old furniture can be updated, sanded wooden surfaces of tables, chairs, cabinets and covering them with a layer of transparent varnish. You will have a unique set of furniture with a slight touch of antiquity. All modern appliances you need to hide or decorate as it does not fit in a rustic interior. Will help to create a suitable decoration lace curtains, braids and other decorative elements.

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On the floor you can roll out the sweet homespun mat. The interior of the premises fit perfectly bright accessories, such as candle holders, vintage lamps, painted tray, shiny samovar.

It is important to choose the appropriate textiles. If the kitchen is a couch, upholstery can be replaced with a new, appropriate country-style: pastel colors, with embroidery or fringe. You can also use blankets and capes. The curtains on the windows should be entirely of natural materials and decorated with ruffles, flounces and lace.

After completing all of these conditions, you will enjoy the long warm and cozy kitchen simple rustic!

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