Kitchen Design Trends 2018

Fashion is capricious and changes quickly. Each season brings us new trends and accents in fashion trends. We can afford to change clothes and accessories often, but every season the situation of the rooms can not be changed by everyone. It is worth to find out what fashion trends look like in the coming years to create a cozy and functional modern interior. Today we present fashion trends in the kitchen in the coming 2018.

Fashionable Kitchens Of 2018 Inspired By Nature

Return to nature can be seen in many aspects of life, so it can not be missed in interior design. In 2018, as in previous years, the closeness to nature will be popular.

A tree is a material that is associated with warmth and comfort. It is perfectly combined with other, not only natural materials – such as steel, glass, stone or lacquer. Inspiration by nature will be to the liking especially those who love the rustic style or those who want to preserve the traditional character of the interior, passed down from generation to generation. Popular elements of wood and in the kitchen, it can be:

  • wooden tables and chairs;
  • kitchen furniture made of wood;
  • wooden floors.


In modern kitchen there is no shortage of other natural materials, such as natural stone. It can be found on the table top, in the form of wall decor and accessories.

Geometric motifs and functionality

One of the inspiring trends is the various geometric shapes of furniture and accessories. Geometric patterns will be found on wallpaper for the kitchen in 2018.

The fashionable interior of the kitchen in 2018 will include modern furniture. Kitchen walls in the new year will be higher and closed, which will work well in small rooms. Due to the variety of shapes and the presence of a large number of compartments and cabinets (reaching almost to the ceiling), you can organize the layout of all items and, for example, put the least used accessories on the upper shelves.

In such furniture we will find many innovative solutions:

  • carousel;
  • Cargo;
  • Rotating shelves installed in cabinets;
  • internal hangers for frying pans and pans and loads;
  • shelves in the form of wooden baskets or boxes with compartments for plates, covers, kitchen utensils, etc.

Loft style interiors

More and more popular are interiors in the industrial style. Kitchen loft is a bold solution for people living in the urban rhythm, appreciating minimalism, functionality and style. Untreated walls, metal, natural accents fit perfectly into the fashionable design of the kitchen in 2018. You can pick up shelves and open shelves of metal, lamps loft. Imperfection, incompleteness and materials in the industrial style are synonymous with the industrial character of the interior. This offer is especially suitable for people who appreciate the innovative style.

The main elements that can help us to formalize the loft style are the following:

  • finishing of walls and floor for concrete;
  • red or bleached brick on the walls;
  • beams on the ceiling;
  • metal cabinets and cabinets;
  • tables and benches of untreated wood;
  • open communications (water and sewage pipes, wires).


In 2018 Scandinavian minimalism will continue to dominate. Simple but functional furniture in light colors, wooden elements and laconic forms, both furniture and accessories, will certainly be fashionable for the next few years. They are extremely practical – when it becomes boring in a light minimalist kitchen, you can always revitalize it and update it with colorful additions.


Kitchen Furniture Trends In 2018

The modern kitchen is becoming more and more open and friendly. Preparing meals for the whole company and enjoying it together are popular with young people. Therefore, everything is aimed at making the interior and equipment of this home corner even more convenient for such purposes.

Looking through the magazines on interior design, you can see that the central kitchen island is increasingly becoming the first violin in the interior. However, this functional part of the kitchen is not just comfortable furniture for cooking. This is also a dining table, a place to work on the computer, children’s creative games. The island became a bridge between the kitchen and everyday life in the living room. Thanks to him, the heart of the house becomes multifaceted.

In open kitchens, where the location of the island is a problem (for example, due to the small size of the apartment), designers offer the following design direction. The idea is that the small kitchen should be functionally optimized and remind more representative furniture. Due to this, it better corresponds to the daytime space, and the interior can be viewed as a single whole. Furniture and equipment are characterized by greater elegance, sophisticated finishing, but they do not depart from the simplicity of form.

Surface textures

Textured design is a trend that will be offered for a long time by ceramic manufacturers. Technological development has allowed in recent years to create panels and coatings



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