Kitchen Cabinet Colors – Trends In Color Today

Kitchens are again over the decades, and the interior design of exhibition projects, since dethroning as the new heart of the apartment. One of the most dominant visual characteristics of the area, a set of kitchen furniture is in the spotlight. Main in the general atmosphere in the room, factor is important not to choose only meet the functional requirements, but also meet the aesthetic needs of your renovation project. That said, it is better to follow the trends in kitchen cabinet colors.

Fashion has become an important part of improving the house. To make the result more attractive, with a little knowledge of color trends in kitchen cabinet. Like everything else that regulates the way trends are set and are subject to change. So if you are thinking of spring cleaning in the heart of your home by changing the cabinets, then here are the things to consider:

Kitchen cabinets trends in color today

Kitchens have now become more than just a part of the house, but is now considered an extension of the owner of style preferences. Trends in color kitchen cabinets in modern times tend towards more personalized with bolder tones become a fabulous choice for many interior color.

kitchen cabinet brown gray

Bolder cleaner

As for the remodeling, more and more homeowners are opting for modern details in the design. And the main factors that make various contemporary configurations are bold colors and clean design. For a cleaner look of the kitchen, the key is the simplicity of line and elegance to the surface. Stainless steel enclosures are becoming more common. And to avoid the appearance of “too industrial” metal cabinets can be combined with glass or wood to soften the look.

More and more homeowners are opting for a more daring design by choosing the colors bolder approach. Painted colors like bright yellow, cobalt blue, turquoise, tangerine, yellow, green or sweet red apple. These color options, and other bright colors can easily create an exciting feeling for space.


Colors luxury tree that dominated the top kitchen range passed as early as the trends in kitchen cabinets color. Choose the best of these rich finishes always the average homeowner can afford to have such a luxurious collection of cabinets for a fraction of the cost of traditional measures. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose from a wide range of finishes highlights, midtones, darker, richer glaze.

kitchen cabinet beige and white

Conventional Neutral

If you are confused about what color to choose, choose the safest and best way to keep the neutral. Trends in kitchen furniture colors, neutrals are considered classics that never go out of fashion. Solid black and white are a popular choice for modern kitchens. Well, there are a number of other tones to choose from. What if you do not intend to change the color for the longest time, neutral may be the best option to keep the elegant atmosphere of the kitchen for a long, long time.

kitchen cabinet beige

50 shades of gray: The kitchen cabinets Edition

Sharp novel side, gray often dismissed as boring and lifeless. Tell that to the elephant, however, and that is bound to walk. Kitchen designers will also have to agree, although they are less likely to start a panic.

In the end, it seems that the gray becomes his day, because they are becoming more and more savvy owners see the benefits that color is undervalued by their office. Far from being put on the side that they considered the monotony that is finally adopted for its versatility, complexity and unlimited potential.

To use the gray best way to kitchen cabinets, you should carefully consider what it does, how it works, and how it can best complement the decor of your kitchen.

In this regard, here are some things to consider.

Discover embrace the light or dark side

When gray is built in the kitchen furniture, the natural tendency is to choose the desired color and just go with it. But it is also important to consider the amount of space you are doing, especially if your kitchen is to the side “favorable”.

gray kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets of dark gray within a framework which has limited space and natural light make matters worse rather than better, deeper shades like tend to absorb light. In this case it is best to use a shade of gray for the kitchen units that can be ignited and incredibly light bounce around.

Heating or cooling

If the color had sex, silver could be a man: It seems simple, but very complex (really). Although not visible on the surface, may include gray shades of blue, red and yellow, and it warmer or cooler, depending on the dominant color.

Red hair color seems like a dark gray and blue provides more of the iron curtain. Do it yourself, you can put different shades of gray shoulder to shoulder against the wall, and the awards will be obvious. Then you can select the tone that works best in your kitchen cabinets and fitted well with the overall design scheme.

kitchen cabinet gray

Paint or stain

Once you have solved the tones and shades, and are selected if necessary, you must decide how to apply it. Painting kitchen cabinets a fresh smooth, while the painting provides a textured wood that really shows below. Again, you will need to balance their own tastes with the alternative that is most effective for the kitchen cabinets and a private room as a whole.

Against measures

Another advantage of the flexibility of this color is that because it is a natural shade of gray kitchen furniture work well with different colors desk. It might be something bright and elegant or stylish black and white slate or stainless steel. Natural stone is also well suited as they often contain gray spots. If you want to make some changes on your kitchen room you can get a useful information on how to refinish kitchen cabinets and some more about refinishing here.

Mixing, matching and running

Many designers today are choose a combination of two colors for kitchen furniture for a dynamic look. Being a neutral tone, gray as Switzerland has no enemies and a good game with others. So you can pair it with almost any color or shade and wrong. It even goes well with wood tones in the kitchen units to expand their possibilities. So, have fun with it! Experience with the use of two similar tones, and then try contrasting colors and see what it is. Gray never thought it could be so funny? You can use its power to lighten or darken; hot or cold; Mix and match. Do not say designers are monotonous. They cannot intervene, but they have a memory like an elephant…

Here is a gallery with most interesting kitchen cabinet colors ideas

kitchen cabinet brown beige

Brown beige cabinets

Kitchen cabinet white and black

White and black cabinets

Kitchen cabinet turquoise

Turquoise kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinet solid orange

Solid orange cabinets

kitchen cabinet cream

Cream kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet green

Green kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet light gray

Light gray cabinets

kitchen cabinet lime green

Lime green kitchen cabinet

kitchen cabinet pink

Pink cabinets

Kitchen cabinet solid gray

Solid gray cabinets


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