How to make the kitchen in country style – choose the furniture, finishes and decor

Country kitchen design

Create a design kitchen in country style with a pro – choose the furniture, decoration, lighting, decor and interiors inspired by the beautiful pictures of country kitchens.

Signs of country style in kitchen interior

There are a lot of signs in country style. Here is a main set.

Six main signs of country style in kitchen interior

  • natural materials
  • a lot of wooden elements of different colors and textures
  • calm-natural colors
  • aged surface
  • leather and wicker items
  • many cozy “rustic” decor
Country kitchen design

Country kitchen design

Possible country styles

Country Style varies from country to country. So a country style may be different in Russia, England, Germany and France. French Country style option called “Provence” and Tuscan style of that other, as the Italian version of the Country. In this style, you can mix the items and other styles, such as Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles. The Country no strict rules and a rigid framework, and yet it is not for perfectionists.
The combination with other styles
Elements of Provence, modern classics, Scandinavian and English styles are perfect to add to the Country.

Possible country style

Possible country style

Color spectrum

Remember the cardinal rule: in the interior of the kitchen-living room, use no more than three colors and generously dilute their neutral shades. Then the space is harmonious.

  • The palette of the interior in the style of the country – neutral and pastel shades. The French country using lighter, bleached or sun-bleached colors. Italian and English country loves more dense and saturated hues.
  • Interior country-style kitchens are often built on contrasts: light walls, floor and ceiling – the perfect backdrop for dark furniture and bright decor.
  • The background work well different shades of white, beige, brown, dark and light wood. It is organic for the country ocher gamma in combination with bright color spots.
  • To choose accents soft and discreet shades of yellow, blue and blue (from cobalt to turquoise), green (olive to light green), red (from red-brown to cranberry) and purple.

Read more about small kitchen color scheme ideas.

Patterns and prints:

Simple and soft: small and large flowers, floral patterns, cell, a thin strip and peas.

Choosing furniture in country style

Kitchen set

French or English country prefer light-colored furniture. For Italian or American versions of this style is characterized by dark wood headset. If you have a small kitchen in a typical home, choose lighter cuisine – can not go wrong.

Kitchen sets country-style facades always have a framework. Design – simple, concise, a little rough. Deaf doors dilute with lattice facades, stained glass, open shelves with wrought-iron details.

Kitchen set kitchen country make of MDF or solid. Fronts made of MDF covered with veneer, enamel or PVC film (the third option – the most affordable). Finish – always frosted. To make old furniture, furniture manufacturers use patina, craquelure, brushing and special staining methods.
A pair of floor cabinets can be left without doors – they replace the light curtains.

Swing doors, end cabinets with open shelves, glass facades and wooden layout – all characteristic signs of a country style.
Instead drawers put on the shelf wicker baskets.
The real country kitchen is hard to imagine without the old cupboard or cabinet antique display cases with grandmother’s favorite sets and cups.

The photo – a country kitchen from IKEA:

IKEA kitchen with a country style

A country kitchen from IKEA

And here is a photo of kitchen in country style:

Perfect country kitchen design idea

Perfect country kitchen design idea

Plate: wood, artificial stone (composite or agglomerate) or ceramic tiles. Budget option – a plastic table top of chipboard patterned wood or stone.

Accessories: Choose handles with classic design – staples, buttons, shells. Headset country style is best suited to handle ceramic inserts – white or painted flowered without rhinestones, aged, with a noticeable touch of patina and worn surface.

Furniture for country kitchen

Furniture for country kitchen

Washing: round / square of artificial stone or ceramic. If the price is only suitable cleaning of stainless steel – look matte model. Mixer choose a retro design. It can be white, black, brass, bronze or old silver.

Appliances: stylized antique. Look for cooktops, ovens and built-in microwave oven white or black with gold / bronze handles – to match the kitchen fittings. Choosing the hood, too, guided by design: let it be a dome model with a decorative cap.

Table and chairs

Dining table: round or rectangular, with a top made of solid or veneered MDF with natural wood. Harmonically kitchens country will look a kitchen table with a top made of tiles or artificial stone.

Country styled dining table

Country styled dining table

Kitchen chairs: fully wooden or soft cloth seat. You want to create the atmosphere of the villa in the kitchen porch – put wicker chairs and rattan armchairs.
Gather a group of mismatched dining chairs – this simple trick will emphasize the ease and relaxed country style.
Instead of the usual wooden bench sofa set from solid or woven rattan sofa, throw them a pile of bright cushions or sheepskin and enjoy the comfort dacha.

Kitchen design in country style – choose finish


In the interior of the kitchen in country style are appropriate in different finishes:
Paint water-resistant paint. Suit different shades of white and cream.

Matt suspended ceiling – an inexpensive and practical option. With proper installation “steal” only 4-5 centimeters in height.
Wooden paneling and MDF panels with wood decor on the ceiling will create in a city apartment country house atmosphere. In the kitchen, with a low ceiling battens light color paint.

Decorative beams from an array or MDF with natural veneer. The second option – a budget. You can put them on top of the lining or paint. Textured rough wooden beams antique best to emphasize the mood of country style to your kitchen. But keep in mind: a ceiling seems to be much lower. MDF frequently make false beams – hollow inside. In them you can hide the wires, cables, pipes or build spotlighting.


The best choice for walls – light shades (neutral beige, cream, milk, vanilla, cream, camel, ivory or champagne).
If you want to add color to the interior – even the kitchen walls are yellow, blue, green, Terraktovaya or red-brown. Bright color balance the white or beige – ceiling, floor, suite.
When choosing materials for walls in the kitchen country, look for such options:
Decorative plaster. You can buy ready-made mixes for antique interiors – imitation of old plaster perfectly fit country-style. Choose compositions with matte textured surface or the effect of “bark” – no pearl. Ideally, the color saturation is different – somewhere brighter somewhere brighter, as if the walls burned under the hot Mediterranean sun.

Wallpaper. There may be textured paintable. Making interior of the kitchen-living room, combine materials. In the kitchen are more practical or non-woven vinyl wallpaper washable. In the area of the dining room and living room, you can glue and paper wallpaper with rural motifs and “chintz” patterns: in the interiors of the country-they look particularly touching.

Decorative brick or stone. Accent walls with imitation brick in the kitchen or in the living room – a business card of modern country style. Ceramic tiles and artificial stone under the old brick wall can be finished completely or put the emphasis – at the dinner table, around a door or window opening.

Accent walls with imitation brick in the kitchen or in the living room

Accent walls with imitation brick in the kitchen or in the living room

Painting. Choose a water-resistant paint with a velvety texture and matte texture paint with a mineral filler.

Wooden wall paneling or MDF wood panel. Sew tree wall entirely or only the lower part. Choose from a pine bunk with a thin seam and beautiful texture and color it white, beige or pastel colors.

Apron in country style

Ceramic tile or granite – a win-win for finishing the apron in the kitchen in the country style:

  • small tiles (10x10mm) – white, cream, light and dark beige, terracotta, beige and brown, a majolica or white-blue glazed tiles
  • ceramic panel behind the stove
  • Tile-hog with a glossy, matt or “stone” surface
  • decorative brick or clinker tiles
  • ceramic tiles in country style handmade or factory simulation

If monochromatic apron seems too boring, decorate it safely decors, friezes and borders. Painted and bulk insert with charming pastoral scenes and still lifes have in any collection of country tiles.
Choosing tile for an apron, look at the options in the style of patchwork. Multicolored small tiles with different patterns to fit perfectly into the style of country music.

If you want a calm and neutral apron – give preference and antique tiles in a light stone. Would you like apron-accent in the interior – will suit a bright glazed tiles with smooth or wavy surface.

Country kitchen floor design

Natural wood and stone – is the best choice for the interior of a country style. But modern flooring, imitation is not worse. They are cheaper, nice look and serve a long time.

Porcelain wood or stone – the most durable and wear resistant coating: safe, practical and inexpensive. The kitchen in the country style looks best with the texture of granite travertine, slate or terracotta. Choose aged tile with a rough matte finish, “tarnished by time” with simulated cracks and chips.

The cement tiles with a colorful ornament or metlahskoy tile can become the main decoration of your kitchen. Focus on the floor if you have low ceilings or too modest in kitchen – ceramic “carpet” divert attention from them.

Engineered flooring or adequately replace expensive floor from the array. Choosing laminate flooring, do not skimp: cheap laminate flooring patterned wood rarely looks beautiful. Will suit thick durable waterproof laminate 33 class chamfered on all four sides and pronounced texture of the wood.
And laminate flooring, and let them be aged under the old tree or unpainted board. Ideal cover design brushed oak. Knots, cracks, chips, scrapes only add to the charm of country kitchen.
If you have a studio apartment or a kitchen-living room and dining room, put a “wet” zone of the tile with a neutral design to match the laminate or floorboard. This finish will not break up the space.

Making window

White plastic PVC windows destroy all the charm of a country-style. Choose a profile with laminated wood decoration or order wooden box.

Sill – laminate, wood or artificial stone. Cornice – a subtle antique bronze with patina and wrought-iron finish.
Ideal curtains in country style – light curtains with soft pleats, ruffles and frills, cafe curtains, Roman blinds or fabric, lace, tulle with floral patterns.

Fabrics – natural (flax, batiste, calico) or high-quality Blended (a combination of natural and synthetic fibers makes the curtain more practical).
If your kitchen is always a lot of sun, make wooden shutters – they look like the shutters, so naturally complement the interiors of country style or Provence.

Decor and Accessories

Making the kitchen in country style, do not be afraid to overdo it with the decor: the more comfortable parts in the interior, the better.
Any vintage trinkets, keeping the history of your family fit into the country perfectly: a kerosene lamp, and the samovar from prababushkinogo chests, cuckoo clocks, trays, dishes with Khokhloma or Gzhel paintings, dolls and porcelain figures.

dishes with Khokhloma and Gzhel paintings, dolls and porcelain figures.

dishes with Khokhloma and Gzhel paintings, dolls and porcelain figures.

Hang on rails copper utensils, set up on the open shelves of ceramic figurines, colorful pottery, jars with cereals, jams and pickles, lamps, candlesticks, bunches of dried lavender and wildflowers. Hang on a wall painted plates, still lifes or embroidery. On the floor homespun throw rug, mat or rag rugs.
Ideas decor country kitchen look in our photo collection (click to open in full mode):

Decor and AccessoriesDecor and AccessoriesDecor and AccessoriesDecor and AccessoriesDecor and Accessories


  • Chandeliers in the style of the country – with the design of antique, with brass, bronze, iron fixtures
  • Candelabra with candles, lamps, chandeliers and Tiffany-style ceiling in the retro style of the milky white glass
  • Suitable and light with a large wicker or fabric lampshade – a dining area with it is especially warm and cozy
  • The feeling of a country house or strengthen streetlight vintage barn lighting.

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