How to decorate dishes of boiled eggs

Eggs mice and cheese

Your kitchen is beautiful! It has everything necessary for comfortable cooking and gatherings with friends. But there is another way to decorate your kitchen – decoration of dishes. Many may think that decorate boiled eggs and turn them into a work of art is impossible, but it is not. And here we will provide you with eight tips of foodstuff decoration. If you have small children, then you know how difficult it is to feed them sometimes: this dish they do not want, this dish they do not like, and even some they could eat, but it looks bad. So you have to go to various tricks to awake their interest in food by the beautiful decoration of dishes.

Boiled eggs decoration recipes

In the photos below you can see that applying a little imagination, you can transform a simple dish into a wonderful work of culinary art. Each recipe takes just about five minutes to be done. Do you have some boiled eggs? Are you ready to start cooking? Then start it right now and be sure to share that triks with your friends in social networks!


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