How to create a kitchen interior in minimalist style – tips from the pros

How to make a kitchen interior in minimalist style and make it cozy – the designer tips and lots of photos of real kitchens and 3d projects in our article.

Kitchen set in a minimalist style is suitable for a small kitchen in a small apartment for the studio, and for the combined kitchen-living room.
Laconic furniture visually dissolves into space, and the kitchen made by thoughtful design, will always be in order.

Five main features of the style

Minimalist style in the kitchen interior – it is:

  • a lot of air, light and space zoning competent;
  • concise and functional furniture in the same style;
  • a minimum of decoration, colors and textures;
  • pure forms and clean lines;
  • built-in appliances.

Color spectrum

The neutral basic colors – white, gray, black, beige, brown.

The interior in the style of minimalism can be monotonous or contrast. Often used no more than 2-3 shades.

As the emphasis in the kitchen, you can use bright colors (red, orange, yellow, blue, green) and beautiful texture (dark and light wood, stone, brick, concrete and other textured material).

How to make a cozy kitchen and bring life to the kitchen

Minimalism does not necessarily make your kitchen a strict, austere and impersonal. Clean style in modern interiors is rare. Take minimalism as a basis, add colorful touches of other styles and favorite things – get stylish and comfortable kitchen that reflects your personality.

Minimalism in a city apartment with Eco-friendly style elements of modern classical, Art Decor, loft and ethnic style.

Basis of cuisine in the style of minimalism – a well thought out plan. In developing the design project, think carefully about ergonomics headset and find a place to store every thing. Otherwise, from the minimalist in your kitchen soon will be over.

Choosing kitchen set in the style of minimalism

Kitchen furniture must be simple and functional. Strict kitchen design and minimalist facades compensate smart accessories, hidden storage cabinets and intelligent organization.

Set is often built-in. Cupboard “sunk” into the wall and merge them into a single plane.

Block-high cabinets canisters with integrated appliances and spacious storage units – an element for a kitchen is almost mandatory.

Facades are usually smooth and even, matte or glossy. Quite without handles (door opened by pressing by means of “push – opened” system) or with hidden handles (or milled from an aluminum profile). The exception may be the most simple pen-boxes on the lower facades.

If smooth door you seem too impersonal, order kitchen with raised facades from MDF with 3d milling. The main thing – shape, color and finish headset must not be contrary to the canons of minimalism.

The interior in the style of minimalism look great kitchen without upper cabinets.

Kitchen interior in the style of minimalism, with its straight lines and smooth doors is good that headsets can be quite budget. The most inexpensive food – with facades from chipboard, lined with plastic or acrylic. Sets MDF environmentally friendly and durable, but also more expensive. The PVC film can serve as a decorative coating MDF fronts (inexpensive models), plastic, acrylic, enamel or veneer (the latter two options are more expensive in total).

Color facades of the headset, you can select the exact color of the walls – let it visually merges with them.

The most popular option for apartments in bright colors – white glossy or matte kitchen.

If you want to select the kitchen area in the combined kitchen-living room, choose the facades contrasting with the color of the walls.

The black color on the countertop and splash back often acts as an accent.

In the gallery below – good examples of cuisine in the style of minimalism in a small studio apartment:

Minimalism small apartment kitchen interior design ideaMinimalism small apartment kitchen design ideaMinimalism small apartment kitchen design ideaMinimalism small apartment kitchen design idea

Minimalism can also be bright! Kitchen set splash back with red glass good dilutes the monochrome design of this small studio:

Kitchen set splash back with red glass good dilutes the monochrome design of this small studio

Kitchen set splash back with red glass good dilutes the monochrome design of this small studio

A popular combination – a combination of white matte and glossy facades with wood. Especially good nut. Effectively looks facades decorated with exotic species of wood – Wenge Macassar, Zebrano, Rosewood. The inexpensive kitchen set is plastic HPL, the more expensive – natural veneer.
Minimalism in the interior of the kitchen does not tolerate open shelves. All the storage space hidden behind cabinet doors, small kitchen utensils – in drawers with dividers.
Small kitchen in the style of minimalism in small apartment looks easy, light and airy:

Light and airy kitchen design in minimalism style

Light and airy kitchen design in minimalism style


White, gray, black. Best in kitchen design in the style of minimalism fits artificial stone. Ideally, monophonic, but it is permissible to use the stone with small patches of dim light and twinkle.

Splash back

In color it may be exactly the tone of the facades or contrast with them.

Fantastic looks in kitchen with a splash back and top made of the same artificial stone. Stylish, strictly, laconically. Kitchen with design best support the aesthetics of minimalism.

Glass splash back can be transparent or colored and plain without pictures. Good choice – white tiles under the hog bricks without chamfers.

Tile or granite – plain or with the invoice under the stone, concrete, wood.
Perfectly suited rectified tile or granite: it can be installed with a minimum of seams. With the grout in the tiles tone this splash back looks like a monolithic surface.


Ideally – just built, including a microwave and coffee maker. For small appliances (blender, food processor) has a special compartment or hide it in a drawer of kitchen units.

Hood is also usually built. But the model with futuristic minimalist design can be an exception. Examples – in the photo:

Appliances of minimalism styled kitchen interior

Appliances of minimalism styled kitchen

Table and chairs

Dining table – massive or light, always with a minimalist design.

Table top can be made of different materials. Suitable round, rectangular or square kitchen table made of tempered glass (clear, frosted or tinted), solid wood, MDF or particleboard with veneer.

For a small kitchen or a small studio apartments is the best choice – a table-transformer with a sliding or folding top. Tables-books in minimalist interior fit poorly.

Excellent combination kitchen-living room in a minimalist style – white / black worktop with light chrome legs.

The combination of white plastic and solid wood table and chairs in the design and soften the rigor of minimalism will make the interior more comfortable.

In the small kitchen area of 5-7 square meters will replace the dining table, windowsill or table-top narrow bar with a minimalist design.

In the combined kitchen-living room table is often a wide bar or projecting part countertop kitchen island.

The interior of the kitchen-dining room in a minimalist style will fit perfectly transparent furniture. Colorless chairs visually disappear in the space and the room seem spacious and color – will become a bright accent.


interior lighting design enlivens the Minimalist well.

Very popular LED-lamps. The color of the backlight, you can change at will. See how the color LED backlight splash back transforms one and the same cuisine:

The kitchens in the style of minimalism often use LED lighting cap – set like floating in the air:

3 popular lighting options

1. Spot lights on the ceiling, a chandelier or pendant over the dining table, work area lights hidden headset
2. Ceiling LED-backlight (of the cornice, light panels and strips) and extra lighting dining and working areas
3. Bus lights or spots in combination with backlit countertops and dining group

The design of the lamp over the table can be simple (the most popular option – in the shape of a ball, a metal or glass) or unusual. Examples of lamps in the style of minimalism in the photo gallery below:

Minimalism designed fixtures for kitchenMinimalism designed fixtures for kitchenMinimalism designed fixtures for kitchenMinimalism designed fixtures for kitchen

Kitchen interior design in minimalist style – select the right finish

The materials are simple, but high quality. Modern technological materials (plastic, metal, glass) are combined with natural (wood and stone).


Almost always, matt white, glossy but also appropriate. Ceiling surface perfectly aligned. Alternatives – plasterboard ceiling and smooth white stretch ceiling without relief and printing.


Perfectly aligned, single-color, sometimes dark, but more bright – white, beige, gray. Usually cold midtone – they are visually expand the space.

The best choice for the walls – paint, smooth wallpaper for painting, decorative plaster for concrete, with silk effect, or without a pronounced texture.

The kitchen in the style of minimalism revive accent wall in the dining area. You can choose contrasting wallpaper, wallpapers with laconic pattern, 3d panel. Decorate the kitchen wooden wall (it can be finished floorboard or laminate) or brickwork.


Smooth, sleek, perceived as a single monolithic plane. Light (in the tone of the interior) or dark (in contrast to light-colored walls and furniture).

Black and white floor – impractical: require constant care, any dirt on them is evident. Much less hassle, if the floor is gray, beige or brown.

Good for decoration floor granite – monotonous, without patterns or with a nice texture under concrete, stone, wood, metal.

You can lay engineering or floorboard or laminate suitable color – light or dark, cold or warm.

Curtains and Decor

Curtains choose laconic, terse, neat. Or Roman blinds, metal or wood blinds, curtains – with a simple design, plain, dull. The colors of textiles – neutral in tone interior or bright, contrasting.

Use a minimum of accessories. Baby original chandelier or lamp. Wall clocks decorate unusual, spectacular picture, poster, photograph. On the table put a stylish vase, palm fruit or container for salt / pepper. Minimalist kitchen is very revive notes of Eco-style – fresh herbs in simple pots and boxes.


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