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Kitchen interior in Japanese style promotes relaxation, tranquility, rest from the cares and troubles. Air and light reigns in such kitchen.

The basis of design in Japanese style are minimalism, natural light and materials.

It is important for kitchen furniture was compact, with no pretentiousness and unnecessary adornments. Dark heavy furniture and curtains are cluttering up space, so the Japanese are trying to avoid them. Japanese style and design is ideal for medium and small kitchen.


In Japanese cuisine has a lot of elements made of wood: wooden floor, kitchen, wall, stand, bamboo curtains, etc.


Such amount of fancy kitchen appliances, sinks, and other useful accessories can not be found in any other style of kitchen. And don’t forget about traditional ceramics and green plants in asian style – bonsai tree and other plants in pots.


Choose shades of milk, coffee, ocher, olive, caramel colors. Such as ivory, warm milk, coffee cream, bleached oak.
As an eye-catching color accents can be used red and green. But try to avoid the obtrusive colors, from which you will get tired.


Use a maximum of natural light. The alternative – a soft and diffused light, such as lampshades rice paper.

Japanese green and beige kitchen (Blue Gray)

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Japanese green and black kitchen (Black Night)

Classic Japanese design. The picture on the Japanese-style closet, a spacious area for food preparation, a large window for access to natural light and visually expand the space. The rear wall of the kitchen...