Category: Country

Country style kitchen is associated with village products, natural materials, comfort and simplicity.
While creating design for the country-style, some negligence, calm natural colors and materials are wellcome. Modern materials, which do not fit the concept of “natural”, “environmentally friendly” and “rural life” should be avoided.

If we talk about the color palette of this style, it should be as close to nature. This includes in addition to the traditional white color beige, terracotta, green, yellow, blue – all that reminds us of nature.

Accessories – a required element of country style. They can be used as a bunch of onions, bunches of dried herbs, wicker baskets, copper pots and pans, crockery. And don’t forget about flower pots.

Country white and pink kitchen (Copper Rose)

The kitchen in the country style. Wood countertops in combination with white cabinets and light curtains create a feeling of tranquility. An important role in this kitchen are playing decorations – pale pink flowers, napkins and candles...

Country green and yellow kitchen (Copper Rose)

Classical urban decor. Window located in the center gives access to natural light. The bar counter is designed for 2-4 people. Small kitchen, floor tiles and stained glass painted sunflowers create a cozy and...