87 Photos Of The Best Ideas For Kitchen Wallpaper

Repairs in the house – it is a fascinating, but quite difficult. The choice of finishing materials, including wallpaper, always takes a lot of time and effort. In particular, select the wallpaper in the kitchen – the problem really is not easy. This is the place where going for meals the whole family, so the interior should be comfortable.


At the same time, finishing materials in the kitchen should be practical: in the most important for any hostess room wallpaper should not cause difficulties in cleaning. Kitchen – is the face of the whole apartment, so to its design should be approached with great care. Be sure to learn some easy tips on how to choose kitchen wallpaper.

How to choose the texture for kitchen wallpaper

There are several kinds of wallpaper that you can choose for kitchen:

Paper wall coverings

They are environmentally friendly and cheap, however, with the passage of time more and more overshadowed. These wallpapers are extremely short-lived, they can not be cleaned, it can become a serious problem. Now the paper covering the walls will not be used in creating kitchen interior design of any one designer.

Fabric finishing materials

These wallpapers are not much different from the paper. They are also environmentally friendly, they are made of cotton, flax, and other tissues. Already at the stage of gluing them may be a lot of discomfort. Such coverage requires a perfectly flat wall, otherwise it risks emphasize the defects and irregularities. This type of wallpaper is also very rarely used for decoration of kitchens.

Natural wallpapers

Natural (organic) wallpaper – the most eco-friendly version of the wall covering. They are made from fabric and bamboo stems, dried leaves and other parts of plants. Plus, such a coating – hypoallergenic. A serious drawback is that natural wallpaper quickly absorb odors and various substances that badly affect their durability for use in the kitchen.


A more modern type of wallpaper, which is made of polyester or acrylic viscose or cellulose impurities. Typically, these wallpapers are easy to gluing – they are perfectly aligned walls, easily lie and also have properties of sound insulation. Non-woven wallpaper water-resistant and fireproof.

They can be used for painting – then such a coating can make about 7 staining. The interior can be changed easily without changing the wall covering.

Vinyl wall coverings

Vinyl wallpaper made from polymer and have a number of great qualities. The process of using them very is light, and they are even more resistant to moisture and odors than the non-woven. Furthermore, such wallpaper can be washed even by using chemical means. Their color does not fade with time, but the original remains. These wallpapers will last a long time faith and truth, and they never appear mold or fungus.

Glass fiber

This dense wallpaper for painting, which give the surface an unusual relief and have a set of great qualities, such as durability, moisture resistance, and so on. D. However, these wallpapers is very difficult to remove from the walls afterwards.

Liquid wallpaper

It is a composition based on the adhesive with fragments of filaments of cellulose and other composite particles. Applied on the basis of plaster, they are easy to combine and form into various patterns. This wallpaper is perfect to clean, do not leave the joints, and they are easy to replace or upgrade if they are damaged.

Also, liquid wallpaper are good that with their help easily masked or leveled any irregularity or defect in a wall.

Each of the above types of wallpaper has its pros and cons. Sometimes the drawback is a very high price, and buy yourself a tapestry will not each.

A lot of people when you make a kitchen-studio hesitant to buy the cheapest options – paper wallpaper. However, it is worth considering that such coverage can be spoiled in an instant, and then all the money spent will be wasted.

It is necessary to make a reservation at once that paper, fabric and natural wallpapers are not suitable for the kitchen. They can not tolerate moisture and high temperatures, absorb odors and smoke, besides, they can not be washed. Therefore, the choice of finishing materials for kitchen is good to think about the above options.

It’s worth knowing that the economy – it is not always good. If the repair is to serve the apartment owner for many years, the cost of a good wallpaper will pay off with the passage of time. Do not skimp when choosing materials for kitchen design. The main criterion, which must comply with the wallpaper for the room – they have to be washable.

Color solution of wallpaper in the kitchen

Despite the fact that it seems that there is nothing easier to select the wallpaper color – it is not so. Simply match the tastes of the owner apartment little, we still consider the size of the room, the location of the light source and a number of other factors.

  • Wallpaper with a large pattern or patterns to visually reduce the space and passing the kitchen;
  • Small drawing contrary visually significantly increase the space and will allow even visually expand the very small kitchen;
  • If the ceiling in the room is low, you can select the wallpaper with vertical stripes over the entire height of the wall – this will raise the ceiling visually;
  • In case of problems with no ceiling height, but the width of the room is not satisfied, it is possible to resort to the use of horizontal streaks. They tend to conceal the ceiling, but if it is high, it is not critical;
  • Geometric ornament or a chaotic pattern of geometric shapes will also expand the space and create a sense of continuity and a smooth transition of one wall to another;
  • Textured wallpaper create an interesting play of light and shadow;
  • If the room is very narrow and long, the proportions can be visually balance. To do this, a short wall is done in a dark color, and long – in the light. This visually compresses, but will expand the room;
  • The ideal form of cuisine – a square. This form of the room will take any ideas in the design. Excellent combination of the three will look bright walls and a bright, saturated;
  • In a small kitchen can not use wallpaper dark saturated colors or wallpaper with a large pattern. The optimal solution – a bright tapestry fine ornament.

It considers not only the handicap room, which will be located kitchen. Enormous role played by the formation of a visual image of the room. It is necessary to take into account where the windows, and placing the other light sources.

Light space

If the room windows facing north, it is likely, in the room is not enough heat and sun. Balanced coverage of the wall will help warm sunny colors – yellow, orange, pink, peach and other colors that are associated with the sun. wall, which is located in front of the windows will be enough to paint in that color.

On the contrary, if the windows face south, will look good cold or cool colors – gray-and-blue drill, to dense and dark colors – emerald, aquamarine and others.

It has long been sunk into oblivion tend to draw all four walls of the same. It is safe to paint them in different colors, play with textures and tones, and make the perfect combination.

Using 3D Wallpaper

3D wallpapers – one of the benefits of civilization. Excellent quality printing will place on the wall of any image with a high degree of detail, which will create the right mood in the kitchen.

These kitchen wallpapers can not occupy an entire wall, but only some part of it, creating not only the atmosphere, but also interesting optical illusions that will play with the space and facilities to turn disadvantages into its merits.

3D wallpapers are manufactured in high-wear-resistant surface, they hide any flaws walls and easy to use. This wallpaper is fire-resistant and hypoallergenic, they can be washed. Moreover, they remain a long time and brightness of colors in total, are up to 10 years and sometimes even more.

Of course, there have such coverage and cons – it is, above all, a high price, and the impossibility of placing them in small rooms. This level of detail and monumentality simply crush a small area and visually reduce it.

Terms combination of wallpaper in the kitchen

Combine the wallpaper – the process is very interesting, but difficult. Without knowledge of the basics, you can make a bunch of mistakes, which later reflected badly on the interior as a whole.

First of all, it should be the wallpaper of the same price category and some technical characteristics – thickness, density and other indicators.

Tips on how to combine wallpaper in the kitchen

Combine the wallpaper – the process is very interesting, but difficult. Without knowledge of the basics, you can make a bunch of mistakes, which later reflected badly on the interior as a whole.

First of all, it should be the wallpaper of the same price category and some technical characteristics – thickness, density and other indicators.

If one wall painted a bright color, or it placed 3D wallpaper, the rest of the walls must be free of ornaments and figures, soft muted colors.

It looks great contrast of textures of wood and plant ornaments or simply floral print.

You can bet on the game textures: smooth combined with a rough, matt – with a glossy, and so on.

It sounds pretty simple in theory, and easy is done in practice. However, if in the preparation of a combination of problems, you can refer to the designer or store personnel, selling wallpaper.

In general, the choice of wallpaper in the kitchen is not a difficult task. However, like in any business, there are a number of rules that must be followed. With these simple instructions, even people with no design education will be able to easily design the interior of your kitchen, which will last for many years and will please their owners.


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